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Good things come in 5s

TOP FIVE MAKERS (for reasons other than their gorgeous graphics)
My list of favorite makers goes on forever. There's literally no way I could do a comprehensive list of all the people I love and admire. So...I decided to make the criteria really, really strict. They have to be more than just amazing makers, and I had to pick only five. That was the only way. So if you don't see your name in the next five, that doesn't mean I don't love and adore you and your graphics. And for those of you who do appear...jfc, why are you so flipping amazing? You make the rest of us look bad. :P

01. raiindust @ aintafairytale & wonderous_stuff (tag)

This girl will always be my number one. She makes the most amazing, unique icons. No one else right now is currently doing this thing she does. I don't even have words for it. Not only that, but she is genuinely the nicest girl. But those two things alone are not why she makes my number one. She's number one because of her commitment to the icon community, her generous icon critique, and her freaking brilliant, amazing, informative tutorials.

02. justmyb0nes @ room_6277 & magicmachine (tag)

Previously skydawnjade in case the name isn't as familiar to you just yet. Every time a new icon post goes up at room_6277, I am blown away. True quality! The cropping, the crispness, the coloring, the use of shadow and light. Basically, everything is how it should be. However, that's not the reason this maker slots in at #2. Anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with this maker will know that justmyb0nes is legitimately the nicest iconist out there right now. Praise comment for everyone ever? Check! Critique if you ask for it? Check! Generally supportive and amazing? Check! Also? Check out these amazing tutorials.

03. tinebrella @ psychedelicats (tag) & wonderous_stuff (tag)

Probably the best moderator in existence. Honestly, if you are looking for a new mod for your team? ASK HER. There is no one better out there. I'm not kidding. Not only that but she is amazing with concrit (giving AND receiving, fyi). Oh, and you thought I was done? No. She is also one of the BEST tutorial writers (+1 +2) we've got. If you haven't had a chance to look, you are missing out. Seriously, who else do you know that takes the time to write up a lengthy tutorial, provide a .psd file, AND make sure that, if she uses vibrance, that she creates a separate .psd file with the proper hue/saturation settings that match the vibrance layer for people who don't have vibrance? 'Cause I'm pretty sure she's the only one that dedicated and awesome. Also have a gander at her resource list. Pretty sure you won't regret how organized and amazing she is. And, hey, I haven't even told you how amazing her graphics are yet. See? She's just that brilliant.

04. longerthanwedo @ thevividimagery & wonderous_stuff (tag)

The most creative and amazing maker full stop. Constantly blown away by the compositions this girl comes up with on a regular basis. Not only that, but she manages them with such ease. Complicated things look effortless when made by her. And you'd think she would horde that secret like her life depended on it. She really, really doesn't though. Even if she hates the graphic you've asked for a tutorial for or she doesn't remember how she made it, she will still do her best to share her process with you.

05. wildalyss @ colourkills (tag)

The fifth spot was difficult to choose, but Alyss definitely deserves it. She's an amazing mod, and I always want to join her icontests. She writes fun tutorials, and she is just generally ridiculously nice and fun.

And Alyss is the perfect lead in to the next part of my post...
FIVE UNDERRATED ICON MAKERS (who I haven't gotten to praise yet & don't post nearly enough)

01. sgmajorshipper @ hyperrealisme

02. inomoo @ sakurashy

03. onlineminiboss @ snowflakalight

04. red_fairy_only @ fairygraphics

05. velvetmemory @ paper_ducks

And, finally, FIVE ICONS THAT I'VE FOUND RECENTLY THAT ARE AWESOME (and aren't made by any of the people who I've already praised in this post)

a_thari | wildpages | prunae | tilty | dashberlin

And for your viewing pleasure, my previous praise posts:
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