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I finally got around to doing this-I noticed a lack of animanga iconmakers praised, so I hope to change that. Here are my top six iconmakers alive.

Everyone whose worth their salt knows loleia of loleiasbits. I have yet to come across another iconmaker whose manips are as good as hers. Every facet used in iconing, from coloring to textures, have been mastered by her. She's one of the queens of iconing. I simply wanted to post some of my favorites here.

This is onbuilding whose work is horribly underappreciated. Her icons are choppy, rainbow-filled fun. Her manipulation of textures is unlike any other iconmaker-instead of grunge, she used textures to create light. Please go and check her out, she deserves it. She also posts scans of editorials! I'm a picture-monger, so that automatically makes her a favorite of mine. ^^

colordrop was someone I first knew as a very sweet commentor on my icon journal. Then I discovered she pumps out icons, and it's me who is amazed by each post the girl turns out. Her style, from modern to grunge and all inbetween, is a mix of unabashed experimentation and vivid style. She rocks. Go lookee her up at whoopteadoo.

meivocis posts at iconofilth, the latter a name I envy-not to mention her work. She turns an amazing hand at typography which I tried to show off in every icon here. She is also the texture goddess. She uses textures to create light and shadow, to burn an icon with color or make it grim and moody. Each post of hers makes my day.

unioncity is the home of marx. She makes icons of pretty boys and makes them even prettier. Her style is multi-faceted, her colors pop or fade as need be, and each 100x100 is something to stare at and treasure and wish you made yourself. She's an animanga queen.

yachiru posts at dirtyicons. She rocks at both animanga and notpaperpeople icons in a world where it's usually one or the other. She inserts enough pop culture references in her stuff to make you feel smart, her use of blazing colors makes rainbows cry in shame, and the girl just all-around rocks the animanga icon world.

Give all these people <3

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