. (clealea) wrote in iconpraise,

All hail whoooomp.

There are quite a few icon makers that I adore and admire, each for multiple different reasons, but I think it's safe to say that when the word 'favorite' comes up, one person always comes to mind. whoooomp's icons can at times be simple or highly complex, beautifully bright or dark, but they are always crisp, clear, and indelibly unique. She's gone through a few usernames over time, and you may recognize her by one of her past monikers: I first fell in love with her gorgeous Harry Potter icons when she was still at pocket_icons. I loved when she was at damnfruit with perforada (ne fusionesque), which put two of the best in one place. You also might remember her as _inheruniverse, girlfromrubber, killpolicy, and the comm lamevolume.

Icons can be currently found at weethreekings.

She also takes beautiful pictures, and you can find her photography at flour.
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