a universal sigh (naushika) wrote in iconpraise,
a universal sigh

This is just a small year-end praise of some of my favorite icons I saw in 2012. I never did inspiration folders so this isn't as big as I would have liked since I never thought to save the icons I really liked. Eep. But that's my iconning resolution of 2013. :D

absolutelybatty | afeastforme | angelamaria | azuremonkey | beyondthepen

calikalie | dancelies | deternot | elleaf | endearest

entwashian | everythingshiny | far_to_nowhere | fprintmoon | ghanimasun

icequeen3101 | iulieki | john_scorpy | library_of_sex | maharet83

marishna | neversleeps | outoftime | oviedo | partitioning

sabersailor | trespassings | tunaeverynight | uglybusiness | vampire_sessah
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