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2013 daily icon picks (1/3)

To celebrate the amazing icon year 2013, I decided to go through my entire feed from all the days of this year, and choose one really gorgeous icon per day from all the icons I saw posted somewhere that day. Here are my favorites from the first third of the year :)

(During the first four months I actually made some other praise posts, so apologies if I praise some of the same icons again, I totally forgot I had posted them/which icons were in them :p)


Jan 1st Jan 2nd Jan 3rd Jan 4th Jan 5th
wickdshy rebel ofthesea motorized second_love
Jan 6th Jan 7th Jan 8th Jan 9th Jan 10th
24_amends dixon wildpages paperdreamss phaust_
Jan 11th Jan 12th Jan 13th Jan 14th Jan 15th
alisea_dream sjlnechnaia firstillusion vapor earlydreams
Jan 16th Jan 17th Jan 18th Jan 19th Jan 20th
imaginary_lives everybody__lies lumsx afeastforme dancelies
Jan 21st Jan 22nd Jan 23rd Jan 24th Jan 25th
endearest accordion loka_bones gettingdrastic blue_emotion
Jan 26th Jan 27th Jan 28th Jan 29th Jan 30th
youcallitwinter wellhalesbells likealight an_aiko orangelusik
Jan 31st


Feb 1st Feb 2nd Feb 3rd Feb 4th Feb 5th
spg_spn_girls juanxyo deternot fulminant consumedly
Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 8th Feb 9th Feb 10th
everythingshiny theroguepanda starkwars jokermary gallicka
Feb 11th Feb 12th Feb 13th Feb 14th Feb 15th
library_of_sex fuuurs afastmachine naginis 12feethigh
Feb 16th Feb 17th Feb 18th Feb 19th Feb 20th
oviedo nottiem nyaza superjesster fouroux
Feb 21st Feb 22nd Feb 23rd Feb 24th Feb 25th
rosy_nic paintedtarget justmyb0nes nadya149 elli
Feb 26th Feb 27th Feb 28th
alfiri equanimity23 nightbulbs


Mar 1st Mar 2nd Mar 3rd Mar 4th Mar 5th
scoobyatemysnax tunaeverynight erzsebet messdestruction pamkips
Mar 6th Mar 7th Mar 8th Mar 9th Mar 10th
vintagic daleksaresexy memonechan absolutelybatty inalandofgods
Mar 11th Mar 12th Mar 13th Mar 14th Mar 15th
amazingchi emme86 vetica word_never_said beyondbones
Mar 16th Mar 17th Mar 18th Mar 19th Mar 20th
spittingfish appleindecay charmingthrone spankulert geckoholic
Mar 21st Mar 22nd Mar 23rd Mar 24th Mar 25th
christinaa88 schryosel applepips16 mm3butterfly burntheflaws
Mar 26th Mar 27th Mar 28th Mar 29th Mar 30th
thyla87 raiindust myneonhearts naive_astronaut fullhouse_10
Mar 31st


Apr 1st Apr 2nd Apr 3rd Apr 4th Apr 5th
lemonzter youwatchusrun talipuu deadwillwalk kayable
Apr 6th Apr 7th Apr 8th Apr 9th Apr 10th
joestarz theotherayn yunhos zaryaaa mysteryof
Apr 11th Apr 12th Apr 13th Apr 14th Apr 15th
barstr7 pointblankdarcy poisonfield petite_tomate pelinsi
Apr 16th Apr 17th Apr 18th Apr 19th Apr 20th
wandererjulia vampire_sessah tardis_mafia fancifull daynawashere
Apr 21st Apr 22nd Apr 23rd Apr 24th Apr 25th
violateraindrop dashberlin angelamaria wondering hauntes
Apr 26th Apr 27th Apr 28th Apr 29th Apr 30th
julie_izumi sucksucksmile rahelcs watchpoint selline_s
Tags: order by: calendar day, type: monthly, year: 2013
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