August 19th, 2006

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First, let me say that it's about time that somebody made a community like this. I think that it's great that we finally have a place that we can share and discuss amazing graphic-makers.

That being said,I wanted to share a bit about my favorite icon maker. Ever. This girl has amazing coloring, cropping and originality. I wish that I could steal as little as an ounce of her talent because really she has more talent in her pinky than I have in my entire being. I love her icons, and I have since the first time I saw them. Who am I talking about? Why, iamalreadyinuse of course! Her work is fabulous and I get all giddy when she makes new icon posts. I've been away from LJ for a bit, but everytime she would make an icon post, I would always make a point of using at least one of them. She makes fabulous Lost icons, particularily of the Sawyer/Skate variety. But she also does Veronica Mars, The Office, and other random fandoms. Here's a little teaser of her work and below the cut are some of my favorite icons by her:

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BH: mitchell/annie

praise the best

for a long time she has been an inspiration, a friend and support to all of us who needed it. she is Thia, inxsomniax, and she is only the best iconmaker/graphicsmaker/well-whatever-she -tried-to-make-she-was-the-best-at-it ever. I'm using this chance to say THANK YOU for being everything you are. Thank you for HGX which is the best thing ever to happen to everyone, thank you for the inspiration you give us all, and thank you for being the nicest person alive. The way she uses colors, the way she plays with cropping, the details she pays attention to. She is not an average icon-maker, she is a true artist.
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and that's it. i hope she get's all the praise she deserves.
watson stain

A new find -- icons_are_hot by xxkitty_katexx

I just discovered this amazing icon journal, icons_are_hot when I saw a really cool icon that someone on my flist was using.

This girl's (xxkitty_katexx) work is really stunning, most of her stuff looks unlike other icons I've seen. She has her own little touches which just make the icons unique. I think this journal is fairly unknown, as it only has 39 watchers, so I thought some pimping was in order!

I'm too lazy to post examples but I think her latest post is particularly awesome. Oh, and the icon I'm using in this post is by her, and I think it's one of my favorite icons ever :D (even though it's one of her simpler ones).

So yeah, go show some love!

ETA: It was this icon that made me seek out her journal:

King K

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I always seem to get bored of using icons, so I constantly delete them and replace them, but there have been a few that I just never have the heart to delete because they are so amazing. And I just wanted to show them to everyone (okay, honestly, I did delete some of them to make room for othera, but that's not the point, they're still amazing).

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girl on fire

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HERE is a fairly recent icon post that's really inspired me.

rozillla has always done really interesting things with her icons that I've never seen anyone else do. But this post really amazed me. Her use of texture is so beautiful and fitting. I just wish I woulda thought of this technique first :) Here's a sample:

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Go check out her stuff at her icon journal, rozookie