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Randomly sampling praisable icons of the past

I'm always nostalgic over icons, so I decided to go back to random points in time and choose icons to praise from those days. This post is a mix of icons from 2010 to the present day.
I chose 100 icons, each by a different maker, but as I said there was a lot of random element in this so if I chose an older icon from you it definitely doesn't mean that's my all time favorite icon by you, just an icon I like a lot from a random post I happened to come across! :)

The purpose of this was to give some love to icons from different years, maybe let some past makers know that they're still appreciated (come baaaack!), and to hopefully let everyone know that even their older icons are still remembered and good to have around. This is important to me especially now that Photobucket has stopped working properly, which means even more broken links when I go back to see old icon posts. I know it's a lot of work but if I could somehow inspire people to reupload at least some of their past work/broken links to other hosts, that would be amazing! ♥

24_amends adina_mpj adriftingsea afastmachine afeastforme

alexia_drake alisea_dream ameliafolder anobrain bloodstream7

burntheflaws char_cohen ciuciuvaraworld classicgirl1325 consumedly

cookiescene crusading_soul danseur_lion ddionysia dixon

earlydreams emiels entwashian erzsebet fancifull

filmesque flatlined fuuurs gallicka growling

halesmoon happiness_22 harlequinss_s heartoutofstone hopeitallaway

imaginary_lives in_the_end jokermary juanxyo julie_izumi

justmyb0nes justonebeat kolibrichen lady_kingsley laurels

lemonrocket library_of_sex light_ofmy_life likealight longerthanwedo

lovepb magical_sid memonechan monstersinyou motorized

mysteryof naginis naive_astronaut neatmonster nightbulbs

novindalf ofthesea onlineminiboss paperdreamss petite_tomate

pond queen_bartonia raiindust rashiea readmethesigns

sabersailor scarred_loretta second_love selline_s setentpet

shameless666 sietepecados sodoesrachael stilinskiargent wretched

sweet_lyri syrensymphony thyla87 tinnny tiptoetwirl

tturners waaywardson vampire_sessah wandererjulia vanessa_lj

vapor watchpoint wellhalesbells velvetmemory wickdshy

wildpages vintagic violateraindrop vrncamrs xafirah

This was super fun to do so I'll probably make more of these at some point :)

If someone else wants to try, here's how it works:
Use a random number generator to choose a year (you can decide the limits, I used 2010-2017 because that's the time I've been here at LJ), a month, and a day.
Go to that day's page on your feed, like this: [your username].livejournal.com/feed/?date=[yyyy]-[mm]-[dd]
Browse the posts from that day and select one icon. It could be the best icon from that day, or the first icon you see that you like, or you could choose only from makers whose icons aren't already in your folder, or any other method you want to use. When you've picked an icon, save it, and repeat the process until you have enough icons for a praise post.
Tags: order by: maker, year: 2010, year: 2011, year: 2012, year: 2013, year: 2014, year: 2015, year: 2016, year: 2017, year: various
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