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I'm working on it.

January praise post


One of my icons resolutions was to start an inspiration folder again. I saved 92 icons in January, so I thought I'd share a rainbow-ish selection :) I can't believe how many gorgeous icons were made, and it's only the beginning of the year!

benchable (4).png longerthanwedo (1).png emiels (2).png emiels.png vanessa_lj (1).gif
benchable | longerthanwedo | emiels x2 | vanessa_lj
lady-kingsley.png jokermary.png daisiestea (3).png thyla87.png vanessa_lj.png
lady_kingsley | jokermary | daisiestea | thyla87 | vanessa_lj
naginis (5).png luppiters (1).png xafirah (8).png xafirah (10).png xafirah (5).png
naginis | luppiters | xafirah x3
daisiestea (2).png starkwars.png tnishadi.png tturners (2).png lemonzter.png
daisiestea | starkwars | tnishadi | tturners | lemonzter
longerthanwedo (2).png naginis (2).png jsfunction (3).png jsfunction (9).png erzsebet.png
longerthanwedo | naginis | jsfunction x2 | erzsebet
regendans.png drivemytardis (2).png violateraindrop.png luppiters (4).png cannedwinething (3).png
regendans | drivemytardis | violateraindrop | luppiters | cannedwinething
jokermary (2).png naginis (4).png drivemytardis.png novindalf.png novindalf (4).png
jokermary | naginis | drivemytardis | novindalf x2
violateraindrop (2).png benchable (3).png tturners (3).png lastsongs.png cannedwinething (2).png
violateraindrop | benchable | tturners | lastsongs | cannedwinething

Please let me know if I made any mistakes!
Tags: order by: colour, type: monthly, year: 2019
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