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((paper wire exit))

chock full of admiration

These are only from my most recent saved icons. I have a lot more praise to give.

siriaeve: newly found today, and what a find. Such amazing use of textures, brushes, colouring. Just lovely little details paid full attention to.
Fandoms: Stargate, including graphics novels.

likegunfire@lickourlegs: Andy's probably going to get a lot of praise, and the fact is his icons justify it. A few reasons why include his amazing creativity, his eye for balance and composition, beautiful colouring, amazing text, breathtaking brushwork... I could go on, but really, check out his icons and they speak for themselves.
Fandoms: mainly Alias, Roswell, BSG.

obaona: Seriously adding support to my opinion that some of the most talented, creative iconists are in the SGA fandom.
When I look at the SGA icons, I honestly feel like I'm taking a dive into the fantastical realm. I am sitting in Atlantis, on top of the sea. I'm not taking a psychotic episode here- these icons evoke such feelings. They have an air of the magical to them.
Fandoms: mainly SGA, sci-fi movies, Supernatural.

codestothestars@squaresided: Emily, Emily, Emily, how I love thee Emily... Oh my gosh darn goodness! Let me put a few words out there- clarity, cropping, colouring, beauty. Those words all relate to Emilys icons. This girl is one mean, X-Files making icon machine. We're concentrating on the X in Emily right now, cos though she makes other fantastic icons- THE XFILES seems to have a fond place in her heart. These icons seem to have found a spark in Emily and just ignited it. Honestly, I do not know how they could be any more perfect.

Coming tomorrow on icon watch: colorsdontgo\colorstoobright\blimey_icons\shadowserenity\emily_reich
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