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Praise You, Like I Should

OK, so this is my first post here, and I really love looking for icons, and admiring icons and what different people do with (a lot of times) the same images. Some of these people, I'm sure have been praised up and down, some of them don't make icons so much anymore (and I am very sad for it) so maybe haven't been mentioned recently.

echac doesn't post icons very frequently, but when she does, it really blows me away.

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I know iconofilth gets mentioned all the time (and rightly so), but any iconpraise post of mine without her would be wrong. She is amazing. I'm going to post some from past batches (although her last batch is awesome)

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stargirl1785 is another iconartist who does not post often enough. Her icons are gorgeous, inventive, and have such great coloring. Love.

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blimey_icons is another oft-praised iconartist, but another one that just wows me. I'm going to use some of the examples from this post, which is hands down probably my favorite "Prison Break" icon set ever.

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lunacat is someone I don't think gets enough credit. Her icons are funny, well made and just great.
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call_me_daisy is someone who I've come to love lately because of her Battlestar Galactica batches, but all her icons are great. Lately, I've been missing text on icons and it seems like everyone leaves it off, but this is one person who makes it work incredibly.

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