Anna (trutdelamode) wrote in iconpraise,

3 iconmakers that I adore, not only because they make gorgeous icons, but also because they're the reason I got a LJ account a little over a year ago and found out that iconing is about more than just duplicating a picture an setting it to soft light :)

I give you:
likethesun @ paintedxlie
southsidesister @ pinkpaisley_art
soopie @ allnightlong

I just adore Val's likethesun icons, she has amazing coloring and cropping, and I'm extremely jealous at her text placement and her humor.

The thing I love about Yvonne southsidesister is the way she sticks to her fandoms. Most of her fandoms aren't considered 'popular' but she doesn't seem to care one bit. She sticks to them and makes awesome icons that have a different coloring than the bright selective coloring a lot of others use.

Soopies soopie icons just ooze with creativity. Half the time I'm not even into her fandoms, and I have no idea what she does or how she does it, but I love every single post she makes.

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