Alex (sietepecados) wrote in iconpraise,

Text Me Sometime

mm3butterfly applepips16 stilinskiargent barstr7 setentpet

prettybutt deternot nna_chan gallicka cb_janey

myneonhearts angelamaria nyaza nyaza phaust_

miz_thang883 letsey_x tturners a_thari danseur_lion

daynawashere ddionysia tiptoetwirl fuuurs thyla87

adriftingsea delamort emiels dashberlin pamkips

naginis ieatstickers shameless666 hitsuga neatmonster

tinnny afeastforme jellybeansraw likealight ofraindrops

nadya149 fouroux uglybusiness kitamikeita vanessa_lj

xafirah appleindecay afastmachine christinaa88 dixon

scoobyatemysnax raiindust anobrain theotherayn charmingthrone

12feethigh gallicka second_love scarred_loretta theskyinside

jsfunction wickdshy inkblush_icons gallaghers neversleeps

word_never_said longerthanwedo alghuls violateraindrop naive_astronaut

I'm a huge fan of text in icons, and as a person who's not good at it, I love looking at them. So this praise shows all the awesome creations with text.

Tags: order by: colour, type: themed, year: various
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