Ana (oleandergirl) wrote in iconpraise,

A new find -- icons_are_hot by xxkitty_katexx

I just discovered this amazing icon journal, icons_are_hot when I saw a really cool icon that someone on my flist was using.

This girl's (xxkitty_katexx) work is really stunning, most of her stuff looks unlike other icons I've seen. She has her own little touches which just make the icons unique. I think this journal is fairly unknown, as it only has 39 watchers, so I thought some pimping was in order!

I'm too lazy to post examples but I think her latest post is particularly awesome. Oh, and the icon I'm using in this post is by her, and I think it's one of my favorite icons ever :D (even though it's one of her simpler ones).

So yeah, go show some love!

ETA: It was this icon that made me seek out her journal:

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