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I actually posted this more than a week ago in my own icon journal and it never occurred to me to post it here as well. So here are some specific icon post recs and icon maker recs behind the cut. I love all these icon makers, some I just recently discovered and some who I've watched for a long time.

Recent icon posts I've loved:
Supernatural batch by ignited
Reason: This users' style and technique has caught my eye. Her coloring and cropping is always spot on and I think her style in general works for Supernatural caps.

Supernatural, HP, Various by pinklabel/trutdelamode
Reason: pinklabel's icons are the icons I most consistently look at for inspiration. Her coloring for me is always spot on and while the icons lack the collage style of ignited, it's a strength in that they are able to be visually stimulating while remaining simple.

Interest Icons by defaultsettings/drankmywar
Reason: What really stands out to me in this batch is the very unique coloring. There's a lot of red in this batch which is a nice change I think from every other batch (including mine) I've seen as of late. Also something to look out for is the very creative use of light textures.

Star Wars, HP, Various by icon_reich/emily_reich
Reason: So very different. In particular the take on black and white icons that almost appear dull and flat but actually have a lot of really subtle value changes.

Various by ghost_sheep/sheepy_hollow
Reason: Well I love Sheepy. But the reason why I like this latest batch is because she's getting more and more into texture use and different ways to use them. This latest batch illustrates that extremely well.

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