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I have quite a few favorite icon makers and there are a few of those who are quite underappreciated in my eyes. Who have never or hardly been mentioned here and who just don't get enough recognition and so deserve it. So I thought I'd make a post with those icon makers and show some examples and praise them, really.

The iconmakers you'll find behind the cut are: agurkis, cookiedg4, twolefts, iulieki and no_delusion

agurkis at mixy_things:

I just love agurkis her icons so much. Her icons are so different and she always tries new things in her icons, she doesn't get stuck on doing the same thing over and over again. There's often a gorgeous softness to her icons and she has some really great placement and pretty cropping in her icons as you can see in the ones I've chosen to portray. The use of colors is always chosen so carefully and it fits the icon and catches the attention. And there's some amazing border use and some gorgeous use of textures and coloring in so many of her icons.

All in all her icons are just different and she has her own style, which is really admirable, these days especially. She doesn't fall for trends, but just keeps on doing her own thing and it makes her icons stand out oh so much.

cookiedg4 at halolights:

cookiedg4 her icons are also so incredibly unique and different. The way she plays with placement and textures and borders and brushes is really done so well and it makes for breathtaking icons everytime. She can do simple so well with a gorgeous clarity in her coloring and she does complex just as well. Her border use adds something to the icons instead of distracting attention and the icons overall feel like they fit together the way they're made. Also, gorgeous beautiful coloring and some really great cropping.

She just really has her own beautiful and unique style and it makes her icons stand out from so many other icons out there. Every time her iconpost is a joy to look at and her icons are little pieces of art if you ask me.

twolefts at syntaxlie:

twolefts has just such amazing coloring. It's something that I always loved in her icons the most, the way she can make her icons look soft and natural and it still catches your attention and the way it can be all kinds of colorful without looking off in quality. Her use of lighting and textures is so good and her placement is so good as well. Each icon just looks so different and looks like it has a story to tell, it's why I love her icons so much.

It's really the diversity in her icons that makes her such a great iconmaker and the way you can tell her icons apart from others, even though she doesn't stick to doing the same thing and she always tries to do other and new things. I love that about her icons.

iulieki at piaresquare:

iulieki her icons are so incredibly creative. She does blending so incredibly well. And her use of brushes and textures is just absolutely amazing. She really makes her icons speaking and the adding of brushes just completes the icon and it always seems to fit so well. You can see there's put so much thought and effort into her icons and it's such a joy looking at her icons. The softness in the coloring is so beautiful and it almost always goes well with the overall feel of the icons.

The creativity in her icons is just always astounding and the way she makes the quality in the icons look so good and not off is really admirable. And her softness and brightness in the icons overall is so beautiful.

no_delusion at kristallsturm:

no_delusion has such amazing, if not the best, cropping around in my opinion. I am just in love with her cropping so much. The placement in her icons is always so speaking and always so telling and often the cropping is just really jaw-dropping, so beautiful and oh so catching. Her icons are often very natural in coloring, but so clear in their coloring and the contrast good and it's just alway speaking. Her text in icons is amazing and it fits so well with the whole feel of the icon and sometimes it's like the whole icon is telling a story, which is something I absolutely love. When she uses textures and when she blends, it's done so well and it's creative and overall you can tell she's put a lot of thought into her icons.

Whether her icons are colored or black/white, they always seem to speak and they have such creativity in them even if they seem so simple. It's because they tell a story, capture a feeling and you can totally feel and tell that when you look at her icons. I love that most about her icons.
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