no need to ask my name to figure out how cool i am (prettypinkdork) wrote in iconpraise,
no need to ask my name to figure out how cool i am

I've been wanting to make a post here for awhile but never before have I come across an icon-maker who was so in need of a finger pointed in her direction.

I completely can't get over (@ blownjello) who posts the absolutely most pretty West Wing icons on lj. West Wing screencaps are notorious for being hard to work with. They're yellow and they're dark and they aren't much else. Which makes janneys's delicately colored icons even more amazing considering the source images.
Her image choices are powerful, each icon conveying some emotion. Her icons sneak up on you. The cropping is wonderful, the use of negative space is wonderful but you don't notice any of that you just laugh or want to cry or pop in that season two disc. She makes it all seem so easy.

So. Check out her icon journal blownjello because even if you haven't seen the West Wing one day you will. And you will cry. And then you will want icons. Just sayin'.

(also? pretty pretty black and whites)

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