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(This is taken from my icon community and crossposted here so a larger number of people can see it.)
This is my favorite icon makers post. These are the icon makers that I really go to for inspiration, whose icons I really love and admire. I encourage you to check out their icons and go give them some feedback! (Please note I'll most like add and edit this post as I remember or discover other icon makers I love.)

UPDATED: Feb. 10th. 2008

shoqolad, already_used, red_fullmoon @ distractiions

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

Each of these maker's is extremely adept at using textures and unique coloring. I watch this community like a hawk and it's one of the only personal icon communities I have on my friend's list. Everything is worth looking at. Sometimes more than once.

hellododger @ slowdivide

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

Not only is this maker good at collage type icons, but also very simple icons. The sense of composition is outstanding and each icon is like a little piece of graphic design.

emily_reich @ icon_reich

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

This is the maker that inspires the majority of my black and white icons. I aspire to be able to do the mix of value and texture that she achieves with every batch. Also experimentation is a sign of a excellent maker and this maker is not afraid to do that at all.

sheepy_hollow @ ghost_sheep

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

Simple, clean and highly effective. I very much admire the different coloring techniques that she employs with every batch. Also constant improvement in every batch I get excited when I see a new post because I know there will be something different from the previous.

neversleeps @ tragic_radiance

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

AWE INSPIRING. The things this maker does with light will ASTOUND you. Gorgeous composition, again with the LIGHT use. Always able to shed light on a cap that's been iconned to death. Beautiful work.


1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

Simple yet effective. I like that every icon is different and that even when using the same font it still is used in a different way to make it effective for each individual image. I'd also describe these icons as "elegant."

sanami726 @ ownthesunshine

1</a 2</a 3</a 4</a

This maker I've admired since my QAF days. I think that she is THE QAF icon maker. Her style is singular and easily identifiable. Her use of textures is outstanding and her stock icons, I believe, set the standard.

Also check out: morbid_girls's Community Affiliates which are all excellent and highly recommended.
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