you are what you fangirl (exit47) wrote in iconpraise,
you are what you fangirl

My favorite icon makers.

Here are some of my favorite icon-makers. There are many amazing icon makers out there, but the following three have a little something 'extra' and are always realy original and creative. I've admired them for quite some time and they are really an inspiration to me! Although sometimes looking at their work, I swear to never even bother to open photoshop again :p

(I think some of these have already been mentionned, but they deserve it!)


Mel's icons are always so original. The colouring, cropping and use of texture are stunning and they just always have a little something extra that make me go WOW.


Again, so very creative! The brushwork on her icons is breathtaking, but the more 'simple' icons are beautiful too. And I just love the rich & deep colouring.


The master of texture! The detail on her icons is amazing, and I spend ages looking carefully at each one because they're so pretty.
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