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Merlin Rec Post (Icons, Wallpaper, Fanart)

Since the Merlin fandom is literally exploding lately with new fans and fanart/graphics all over LJ, I wanted to seize the opportunity and praise some posts that caught my eye and impressed me over the last weeks and days. Of course, this is just a selection and mostly focused on Arthur/Merlin while there are tons of other great icons, wallpapers and fanart coming out every day but these examples are some of my personal favourites. Please go and comment to the individual artist if you like what you see instead of replying to this post only, I´m sure they´ll appreciate it a lot :).

Note: Includes some minor spoilers for the finale.


Here and here by 13694 | i13694

Some of the most creative and original icons I´ve seen in this fandom; especially the use of cropping, negative space and colors stand out for me in these posts.

8 Icons by emily_reich | icon_reich

This batch doesn´t have many Merlin icons in it but in this case the saying "quality is better than quantity" was never more true.
Amazing and outstanding use of cropping and composition; especially her black and white icons are some of the best around.

Here and here by memoryfloodsin | stormfronticons

Lovely use of text and vibrant, bright coloring in all of these.

30 Icons by lemonpunch

This iconmaker has a radiant, sunny style of coloring that fits perfectly to the atmosphere and mood of this show;
the colors are intense yet never overpowering and immediately catch your attention.


Wallpaper Blend by brightedelweiss

Most people are so focused on icons that they forget that there is also great artwork out there that doesn´t fit in a 100x100 square. This wallpaper is proof of that. The concept is unique, different and well-executed; especially the blending of Arthur&Merlin in the background as well as the branches and soft text complete the whole composition.


Arthur/Merlin by eryslash

A powerful and intense portray of Merlin´s and Arthur´s relationship which is emphasized by the dark midnight blue the whole picture is held in as well as the play of light, shadow and contrast.

Twined by newkidfan

Another compelling piece that examines the dynamics between Arthur and Merlin. I instantly fell in love with this, not only because the composition and general technique is flawless but also because the essence and atmosphere between these two characters has been captured perfectly.
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