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Icon maker rec

Well kind of. I was asked by a few people to post a rec concerning the icon makers who inspire me and those I admire. SO here's the list!


The list is not in a particular order. The icons Ive choosen are my favorites. They are not always my fandoms and are not examples of all the work of the makers so the best is that you check all of them because it's really hard picking 3 icons to give all the respect due to the art of someone.


A perfect use of colors and textures. And more, the crops are always exceptional


Gorgeous coloring. Each icon has its own soul. They are unique and always creative. And the most impressive is that (s)he keep improving!! (I don't how it's possible but each post is better than the previous)


Beautiful colors and always a great text placement. Great black and white too.


The coloring is always impressive. Very soft but powerful. The use of negative space and closeups are always wonderfully done.


What can I say? This maker is an artist. Like many in that list, eeach icon seems to have a soul with a perfect use of color, texture and crop.


The icons here are always gorgeous. The coloring and the subtle use of texture are giving such a great atmosphere to each icon. Beautiful.


What is surprising is how well the images and the textures are always greatly mixed. And the coloring is always perfect.


I dare anyone to tell me she's not doing some of the best icons on LJ. The color, the crop, the black and white, the close crop, the negative space,... She knows how to do everything.


When beautiful colors meet a great use of texture and crops.


Beautiful and very creative croppings. The coloring is always great. One of the rare makers I know who manage to mix stock pictures with caps awesomly.


Gorgeous and powerful clean icons.


Beautiful composition and the colors are soft but very well balanced.

rhcp_csi & mali_mariepeak77

Both of them have a really original and particular coloring. They manage to be original and use textures and crop as no one else.


Again, an artist. The blendings, use of textures and colors always fit perfectly and you have original icons. No one can do the same. NO ONE.


If you don't know her already, shame on you. xd kidding (well maybe)Art in that comm is always original, very creative, artistic (like in giving a meaning to an icon and an emotion). You may not like but you can't see one icon feeling nothing (which is art imo)


Awesome and original coloring. Greatuse of textures and text. And also humorous icons. What else can we ask?


This maker is special. Icons are clean but powerful. The caps used are always powerful and the use of color, texture and space (or close up) emphazise the emotions.


Gorgeous use of textures and colors for each icon.


One of the rare makers to manage to let you speachless with a great coloring and text placement.


Perfect use of color and negative space. But perfect as in PERFECT.


The coloring is always very powerful and the use of textures emphazises the emotion on each icon.


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