jeebs83 (jeebs83) wrote in iconpraise,

know them, love them

Icon makers who inspire me. :)

adina_mpj @ sick_muse_icons
These icons are always so bright and original. The use of color and texture never ceases to amaze me.

a_celeste @ withoutwax_a
One of the most original icon makers out there. Her text work makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry a little. ;) Some of the best icons out there.

gracerevealed @ bijoou
Such an amazing icon maker and so nice to top it all off. At bijoou 's icon journal you can find great tutorials and textures. AMAZING and INSPIRING!

brittania @ cylonish
The girl who taught me photoshop. I really owe everything I know about icon making to brittania Her coloring is something to be envied and her talent for wallpapers and icons is...wait for it....legendary.

forensicirulan @ on_your_shore
This pretty lady is responsible for a few of my most-used icons. I love the simplicity of her icons, yet this type of simplicity takes a lot of talent.

I believe this is one of the more under-appreciated icon makers on livejournal. I love every single post and I'm continued to be inspired by her icons.

ack_attack @ iconseeyou
There's not a lot to say about ack_attack that hasn't been said before. But before I even started making icons I fell in love with her work. Love love love.

prettybutt @ atomicapples
One of the nicest, most funny, and talented people out there. Her icons are original and hilarious. Again, another icon maker where there's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said. :)

prettypinkdork @ paper_spaceship
Ok honestly? Who doesn't know the awesomeness that is prettypinkdork ? So So So inspiring. *dies*

xmaidelx @ sinequaicon
This girl can bust out the icons like nobodies business. Her ability to work with coloring and animated icons is just out of control. Maidel is honestly one of the nicest people out there. Get to know and love her.
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