runaway from me baby, runaway. (boyss) wrote in iconpraise,
runaway from me baby, runaway.

some icon makers i love

Some of my favorite icon makers :)

katekills @ iconictonic
She makes some of the best gossip girl icons around, I feel like with the textures and colors she uses it just brings out the emotion of the subject so well, and maybe I read too much into some graphics but some colors schemes don't work well with certain emotions and I think she does a wonderful job of that

wecrash @ mattchbox
I fell in love with her back in '07 when she made some Chronicles of Narnia graphics. Her graphics (even back then) are always bright and smooth. They are never over sharpened or under sharpened, they are just perfect

likeadoll @ runawaysky
What drew me to her was her love for iconing older celebrities and stars like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, which you couldn't really find too much around lj, her icons are very simple but there is something elegant and classy about them.

apologize @ breathings
She has a very unique way of using textures that I think is hard to find around lj. A lot of people use the same styles that everyone else does, but her style (especially with textures) always makers her icons stand out

sweetmustard @ photographis
I've been following her since her community was still just her personal journal. I discovered stock icons through her, and she is basically the reason why I love them.
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