super spiff retro Barbie (00mina) wrote in iconpraise,
super spiff retro Barbie

People who deserve buckets more love than they get

Title says it all. Not that I don't LOVE all the people that usually appear here, they ARE really great, but there's other makers out there too! I picked some who are TREMENDOUSLY fabulous and should be way more noticed and followed and praised and talked about.

no_delusion @ collidingmotion

The strong colors, the cropping. It's also amazing how the icons don't look blurry, but aren't exactly sharp either. They're, I don't know, soft. It's perfect.

justmyb0nes@ room_6277


beaked @ ibeaked

The way she plays with light and shadow is AMAZING. The colors are fabulous too.

kate_angel @ inhighwaytohell

COLOR EXPLOSION. OMG, MY EYES. But in a good way.

tle_lovie89 @ trueasthenight

I LOVE the ~shiny~ effect on the icons. Also, COLORS. LOTS OF THEM.

daysandhours @ boxed

THE COMPOSITION, OH MY GOD. I think she hasn't updated in a while, but the posts she already made are nothing short of perfect. I love the shapes and curves, the angles and tiny stock used as accent, negative space, everything.

colourmayfade @ justaquicke

THE COMPOSITION, OH MY GOD. [2] Fantastic how she manages to fit so much stuff in one small 100x100 pixel space. It looks gorgeous and like it's telling a story.

mefan @ mefan

THE COMPOSITION, OH MY GOD. [3] IDK, the choice of pic and stock and colors, how well they go together, I'm all over them.

rahelcs @ magicmachine

Her minimalist style is GREAT, and in the last couple of posts she amped up the coloring too. Now everything looks even more fantastic.

wild_sibyl @ colorknot

She plays with all sorts of different styles, and her coloring is bright and FUN. I love fun. And her texture use is great!

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