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iconpraise's Journal

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Don't rant. Praise.
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icon praise
Hello and welcome to iconpraise!!!

Maybe you’ve come across iconrants, where people join to rant about icons in all it’s aspects. We decided that we also needed an icon community that does the exact opposite of that.

So this community is to talk positive about everything concerning icons. So that can be talking about an icon maker that you love, maybe an icon posts that you think is amazing, perhaps there are trends of icons, styles that you want to talk about and perhaps you want to talk about things that inspire you to make icons. Just anything that concerns icons and is all positive, that’s what this community is for.

R U L E S :

1. DO NOT RANT! If you want to rant, there’s iconrants for that, this place is for positive energy only.

2. Feel free to link to other people's posts, but if you feel the need to post an icon directly in your post, please don't hotlink.

3. Don't bash/flame/fight or anything of such here.

4. If you want to post more than 5 icons or (2 bigger)pictures, then please use an lj cut to spare the dial-up users.

5. Nobody likes a showoff and this isn't an icon community so don't link to your own posts for the sake of pimpage.

6. You can promote a new community that you started here that has something to do with icons, as long as you add a brief explanation about the community itself and if you do not use pictures along with it.

Current mod: novindalf
You can contact me directly through LJ private messaging if you have any questions.

Original mods: brasaremean
Formerly: fly_meaway and likealight.

Layout credits:
perforada :: lovelamp

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